Writing University Podcast

June 18, 2010
In this podcast, Lon Otto leads a discussion on how to avoid “literary thin ice”- the insecurities resulting from insufficient originality, tension or authority in a work.
June 17, 2010
Tim Bascom, using only lines and circles and an array of strange doodles, will attempt to describe the amazing structural options available within the genre of creative nonfiction. No, he won't work blindfolded. However, he will attempt to be entertaining, and perhaps even a bit enlightening. If you like thinking in pictures, not just words, this... more
June 15, 2010
Through what alchemy do writers take lived life and transform it into art? We all have stories to tell, something from our own life or the life of a loved one, which we believe would make a great short story or novel. All too often, however, when we try to write it down, it’s reduced to an anecdote which lies there on the page, lifeless as an... more
July 19, 2009
In her presentation, "Yikes! Elysium: Writing About Happiness," Christine Hemp tackles what she describes as a necessary tension between "sunlight" and "the underworld" in fiction and nonfiction writing. Hemp examines how mundane objects such as puzzle p
June 30, 2009
Marc Nieson proposes the free-writing exercise as a disciplined process of seizing inspiration and later tackling revision. Nieson talks about how to reconcile the writer's often opposing mindsets of creator and editor, the journey of refining the "
June 20, 2009
David Hamilton shares his thirty years of experience as editor of The Iowa Review, characterizing the unique world of literary magazines as "ephemeral" and "fugitive." Hamilton compares the mechanics of literary reviews, from local publications to l
June 9, 2008
In this Writing University podcast, Mary Allen discusses "the mysterious thing" that happens when one sits down to write. She describes her process of finding inspiration and suggests ways to break free of strict "ideas" about writing. She presents examples and ideas on how writers can nurture and cultivate their writing process. Caryl Pagel... more
July 25, 2007
In this Writing University podcast, David Bouchier addresses the struggle of a word-loving writer to be concise. Bouchier discourages "flabby writing" and suggests instead going on a "word diet" to avoid verbosity. Bouchier also advocates a habit of "writing long and cutting ferociously" and editing from the perspective of a potential reader.
July 23, 2007
In this Writing University podcast, Marcos M. Villatoro discusses the advantages of writing without waiting for the elusive "muse" to strike. Villatoro claims that inspiration springs from a writer's own work ethic, the physical act of writing, and the work itself. Villatoro also offers advice on using criticism to one's advantage and how to... more
June 26, 2007
Venise Berry offers advice on how to "bring the world into your writing." Berry advises writers to leave their own comfort zone of familiar communities and characters and purposely inject voices from a wide spectrum of experience. Berry asserts that a writer's job is to help the audience learn by making realistic, diverse characters "accountable... more