Anjali Sachdeva—Step Away From the Desk: Experiential Writing

Monday, June 11, 2012 - 3:04pm
In this Eleventh Hour, Anjali Sachdeva will discuss the effect that getting out into the world and participating can have on your writing. This type of experiential preparation can take different forms—conducting interviews or on-site research, participating in an activity that one will later write about (or that characters take part in during a pivotal scene), or more meditative forms of writing in a natural setting. She will discuss the ways in which these practices can influence and enrich a writer’s work and how she has used them in the past (for her own work and for students). Anjali will also provide examples of specific exercises for participants to try on their own. Anjali Sachdeva is Director of Online Education at Creative Nonfiction and teaches English and Creative Writing at the University of Pittsburgh.


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