Community Creative Writing Resources

Welcome to Iowa City, UNESCO City of Literature! Iowa City is an active community of writers and artists, with a multitude of opportunities and creative writing resources for the entire community. On almost any day of the week, you can find writing groups, community workshops, letterpress co-ops, creative writing events and more happening around every corner. Below is a constantly growing list of community projects in our city.


The Free Generative Writing Workshop provides a space for career writers, curious beginners, writers of all income levels and stages of life. Their goal is to make it easy to meet and learn from some of the most talented writer/teachers living in or passing through Iowa City. Every month a new writer leads a generative workshop, presenting a prompt inspired by their own preoccupations, passions, or interests. Prompts have run the gamut of writing from Tarot cards, to finding inspiration in the villanelle; from ekphrasis to open letters of resistance to government officials. It has been an adventure, and they are continually inspired by the creative concentration of participants, and the powerful beginnings the workshop generates.


The IC Press Co-op is PS1's community print studio, offering studio access and education in intaglio, relief, silkscreen, letterpress, and book arts. ICPC is run collectively by its members, and work to foster and develop a local community of book and print artists and enthusiasts by providing affordable access to shared equipment and creating educational and professional opportunities, projects, and collaborations.


Iowa City Poetry Slam takes place on the last Monday each month. Check their schedule on Facebook to share your original poetry and compete for prizes and bragging rights. Location may vary. Founded March 2018.