Literary Iowa is the web magazine ofMFA Creative Writing program in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Iowa. It is produced with the support and as part of the initiative of the Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio. The magazine has been conceived as a space for reflection on the challenges and possibilities of creative writing, and to spread the work of writers, teachers and students of the program. The magazine aimsbe a benchmark on Spanish language literature produced inUnited States and elsewhere; also it aims to build bridges with the growing Spanishspeaking community in the State of Iowa. The magazine is part of the range of programs and publications through which UNESCO designated Iowa City as "City of Literature".


Executive committee: Horacio Castellanos Moya (editor), Ana Merino and Luis Muñoz

Editorial assistants: Carlo Malo and Inma Acevedo Aljaro

Executive assistant:  Juan Malagon

Design: Kayla Haar and Mark NeuCollins

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The opinions expressed by the authors are their responsibility and do not necessarily reflect the institutional opinion of the University of Iowa. Partnerships Unsolicited will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and its authors will be answered in due time.

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