The University of Iowa

The Iowa Summer Writing Festival

The ISWF consists of 136 different non-credit workshops, open to writers with no previous experience necessary, in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essay, and more.

Program News

5 Reads for Friday: Nov 13, 2020

Five Reads for Friday: Oct 30, 2020

New Online Workshops from the Iowa Summer Writing Festival

Five Reads for Friday: August 7, 2020

New Eleventh Hour Episode: The Transformative Power of Reflection in Nonfiction

Program Highlights

   Founded in 1987

   136 different non-credit workshops

   One-week and weekend-long workshop format sessions are offered throughout June and July

   Award-winning faculty and alumni, including Venise Berry, Hope Edelman, Robin Hemley, Timothy Bascom and more

Iowa Summer Writing Festival

Since 1987, the Festival has welcomed to the campus of The University of Iowa writers from 18 to 97 years of age, from all 50 states, and from every continent. Most of the participants come to the workshop table from other areas of expertise, other lives. These include the armed forces, business, diplomacy, education, farming, homemaking, journalism, law, law enforcement, medicine, parenting, pastoral care, the performing arts, social services, and more. They come together across the genres, the generations, and at every level of literary practice in a common enterprise. They come as writers. 

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