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Welcome to our New Website

We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website for the Writing University! With the update, we’ve been able to improve navigation, connect visitors with events happening in and around Iowa City, and provide enhanced content, archival media and social options!

While the URL remains the same, the newly redesigned site provides a more vibrant and dynamic environment to help you keep up to date on the news, events and media of the writing world and further explore the great breadth of archival treasures from the University of Iowa's literary history. What you’ll find on the redesigned Writing University website:

The Directory of Writers

This unique, searchable database contains profiles of some of the University of Iowa's prestigious writing alumni, as well as current faculty and students from all the writing programs on campus.

Included in the profiles are biographies, bibliographies, and media. We have a long list of authors who are being added to the site regularly.

The Archives

Updated weekly, with recordings latest readings and events at the University of Iowa and in Iowa City, the VWU Archives offer a deep catalog of audio and video archival media that documents readings in Iowa City, spanning multiple centruies of literary events. Browse the Archive by author, program or data and become engrossed in the aural history of our literary tradition.

Social Media

There are other ways to stay in-touch and informed about the literary world of the University of Iowa and Iowa City.  Check out the writing university {extras}, our tumblr blog, which features the great finds we come across during our day at the Writing University: the audio, video, and visual artifacts from the writing programs at the UI, as well as miscellany about our history and alumni. Or follow us on twitter @UI_VWU and join us at Facebook.

The City of Lit Mobile Web

The City of Lit Mobile Web is a web version of the City of Lit app, which features information on the rich literary history of Iowa City, highlighting authors and local sites of interest. Biographical and bibliographic information is complemented with audio and video clips.

Visitors to the website can guide themselves around town in literary style. The project offers maps of Iowa City, with embedded electronic "brass plaques," indicating a variety of unique locations: where historic readings took place, where authors wrote, and the legendary taverns where writers gathered to argue and gossip.

New authors and materials are frequently added to this essential literary resource.

Take a peek! And while you’re here, take some time to complete our Contact Us form and tell us what you think. We’re constantly striving for new and improved ways to connect with you.