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The Gospel of Paul by Ariel L. Lewiton

“Prairie Lights is one of the reasons Iowa City was designated a City of Literature,” UNESCO City of Literature director John Kenyon told me. “And Paul, a true force of nature, is one of the people that helps hold all of this together.”"

In this excellent piece in the Los Angeles Review of Books about Paul Ingram, Iowa City's local bookseller and author extraordinaire, Ariel L. Lewiton reviews not only Ingram's latest release The Lost Clerihews of Paul Ingram, but also his uncanny skill and knowledge in book suggestions:

"People who’ve moved thousands of miles away make regular pilgrimages to Prairie Lights just so Ingram can tell them what to read next. He’s a master bookseller for his encyclopedic knowledge and quick recall, for the full confidence of his convictions, and for his infectious enthusiasm." 

It is a lovely and raucous review that touches on all the distinct and intricate wonders of Paul Ingram, Prairie Lights Bookstore and Iowa City itself. So enjoy! Read it here: The Gospel of Paul by Ariel L. Lewiton