The University of Iowa

Newest issue of Exchanges, the UI Journal of Literary Translation

The University of Iowa's MFA in Translation is excited to share the newest issue of Exchanges, one of the oldest journals that features primarily translation. Exchanges was started by Danny Weissbort, to promote international literature in-the-making, and to provide a crucial training ground for emerging editors.  This issue features a rich array of writers, translators from diverse countries. The editors of this issue include Genevieve Guzman, Honda Nurenberg, Mary Bradley, Patty Nash, and Elettra Pauletto.  The proof of their good work is in every page of the new issue.  Please enjoy it here:

The University of Iowa's MFA in Translation began Exchanges in 1989-90. The first issue was cyclostyled, the title being copied from Ulalume González de León’s short story “Intercambios,” translated by Stephanie Lovelady, a student in the Workshop. All texts were presented bilingually. The idea was a simple one: to provide a focus, giving workshop members a sense of working towards publication. Iowa, with its unique combination of Creative Writing Program, Literary Translation Program, and International Writing Program, seemed the ideal location for such a project.