The University of Iowa

New IWP Anthology 2016: A Piece of Daily Life

The International Writing Program (IWP) at the University of Iowa proudly presents IWP Anthology 2016: A Piece of Daily Life, created as a collective project by the participants of the 2016 Fall Residency, including writers from Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Philippines, Isreal, Taiwan, South Africa, Germany, Iraq, Venezuela and many others.

Special contributors to the creation of the anthology include Obari Gomba, 2016 Fall Residency participant from Nigeria and the anthology's compiler; Natasa Durovicova, editor; John Vater, editorial and technical assistant; and Charles Truong and Susannah Shive, design consultants. The writers have been kind to contribute poems, stories, essays, drawings, letters, photos, and more to mark their footprints in Iowa City.