Mark Strand (1934-2014)

Christopher Merrill remembers Mark Strand in this piece at the Huffington Post.

"Waste makes haste. I hurry to the dump," Mark Strand writes in The Sargentville Notebook, an unclassifiable work probing the border between poetry and prose, philosophical speculation and standup comedy. But there was nothing wasted in the writings of the former Poet Laureate who passed away on Saturday, at the age of eighty, no sense of hurry in his varied attempts to record his explorations of the void, in a crystalline language that will endure.

He was a patient craftsman, who once said that distrusted the arrival of any cluster of words in the course of writing a poem, fearing that he heard it somewhere before -- one explanation for his originality. Between presence and absence, desire and plenitude, memory and oblivion, the lyrical and the tragic -- this is the terrain that he mapped with an exacting -- a twinkling -- eye.

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