The University of Iowa

Just Checking In: UI Press author JoeAnn Hart

April 7, 2020

In these strange and difficult times, the University of Iowa Press, with the Writing University, is reaching out to its authors to gain perspective, advice, humor and connection. We want to know how they are doing, first and foremost: we are primarily checking in. But we also want to know how they are living (or surviving, or managing) with the pandemic that surrounds all of us. We are a family here -- the press, the authors, the university -- and this is what families do: we check in.


Our first author conversation came from JoeAnn Hart. Hart is author of Stamford '76, published by the University of Iowa Press, the novel Float, a dark comedy about plastics in the ocean, and Addled, a social satire. She lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

JoeAnn wrote UI Press marketing director Allison Means about her daily life during the pandemic:

I am reading War and Peace as part of a virtual book club started by the literary magazine A Public Space - It’s just a few pages a day, and at this pace we will be done by August. Wonder what our world will look like by then.

Three good things that happened today is that my husband and I woke up healthy, we got some rain for the gardens, and I printed out my short fiction to arrange into a collection.

My isolation playlist is Bach, Beethoven, and Depak Chopra mediations.

My new co-worker, Iggy: