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John Irving's Life at Home: Video

“By the time I was writing The Cider House Rules, I thought, well you seem to work best when you begin with the last sentence. And once I know, like with a piece of music, what it sounds like at the end, where I’m going, I make a kind of road map in reverse back to where I think the story should begin, and so far that last sentence has never changed. Never. I see that ending and I write toward it. It’s kind of waiting for me.”
—John Irving 

A short, beautifully shot documentary looking into John Irving’s life at home from Time LightBox. We move from outside his home, to his kitchen, to his exercise room where we get a glimpse into his wrestling past, to his desk where he admits, he may die some day writing, mid-sentence.


You can also view this video on the Time Lightbox website, as well as find the commentary about its production, archives of John Irving articles and a Time piece on Irving's wrestling career.