Introducing the IWP 2012 Fall Residents, Round 1: Nouri, Tanweer, Falco, Dema, & Ganieva

In three weeks, the International Writing Programs's 46th annual Fall Residency will bring 32 writers from 29 countries to Iowa City where they will have time, space, and freedom to write. As ever, they'll also have ample opportunitiy to engage with the public, to travel to other cities and states, to give public readings of their work, and to immerse themselves in the writing life in North America's only UNESCO-designated City of Literature.

In anticipation of their arrival, the International Writing Program website will be posting information about this year's cohort of writers at the Shambaugh House blog every other weekday for the next two weeks, roughly five writers at a time.

Read the first installment >> Round 1: Nouri, Tanweer, Falco, Dema, & Ganieva