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Discover the Irish Writing Program

The Irish Writing Program is a rigorous creative writing program in Dublin, Ireland. The goal is to help aspiring writers become better at their craft. University of Iowa students and non-UI students are welcome to apply to the program.

The program has two components: writing workshops, and an interdisciplinary Irish literature & culture course. It offers six semester hours of credit. Grades are issued by the University of Iowa on a University of Iowa transcript.

Students can plan to have weekends free to get to know the city, and the rest of Ireland. During the program, participants are free to travel outside of Dublin and its suburbs. However, the program strongly suggests that no more than 2-3 weekends of travel are taken. More travel may hinder a participant's work and performance in the program.

Dublin serves as the perfect hub for travel around Ireland and the rest of Western Europe. Day tour options include: an introductory tour of the capital city focusing on important areas of cultural and historic interest, tours of the James Joyce Museum, the Joyce Tower in nearby Sandycove, and the Book of Kells at the Trinity College Library. Longer weekend trips to Western Ireland, Galway, Belfast, London, Edinburgh, and many other regional cities are possible- or even farther if you’re feeling adventurous!

Writing workshops are held three times a week. Writing workshop hours may be increased to facilitate workload. The interdisciplinary literature and culture course also meets three times a week. Classes and workshops are held Monday - Thursday (no classes are held on Fridays).

Participants are awarded U.S. letter grades on a University of Iowa transcript.

Participants receive one grade for the writing workshops, worth 3 s.h. of credit, and one grade for the Irish literature & culture module, also worth 3 s.h.

Assessment for the Irish literature & culture module will consist of class participation, 2 midterm papers, and 2 final papers. Assessment for the writing workshops is continuous and consists of class participation, completion of assignments, student-teacher conferences, and effort and development during the course of the summer.

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