The University of Iowa

A Moment of (Post) Truth: A Media Workshop and Forum

POROI Presents A Moment of (Post) Truth: A Media Workshop and Forum this Friday, March 24,2017 at 11:30 am - 2:00 pm in the UI Main Library | Tile Classroom 1140.

The mission of this event is to enhance practices of engaging with the news and the undertaking creative and critical projects in a clamoring media climate. The event is free and open to all, but registration is appreciated:


11:30 - Interactive Media Workshop
• guided identification of facts and experiments with fact checking
• guided identification of value-laden rhetoric and critical reflection
• digital decision tree: what are our options as news readers and as writers and creators!
12:15 - drinks & snacks

12:20 - Panel: Truth & Consequences
• Jiyeon Kang: "Desires Gone Viral: Reading Fake News, Rumors and Internet Bubbles as Political Symptoms"
• John S. Nelson: "Truth as Common Sense and Fervent Feeling in American Populism, Left and Right"
• Jerry Schnoor: "Climate Change: The Truth and Post-Truth from the Trump Administration, and How the Press Should Report It"
1:10 - snacks & drinks

1:15 - Roundtable & Group Discussion
• Meenakshi Gigi Durham: Media Literacy Education
• Frank Durham: The News Past and Present
• Jeff Charis-Carlson: A Reporter's View
1:50 - Collective Reflections