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"Writing the World": UI Graduate College Highlights the IWP


This University of Iowa Graduate College article highlights the International Writing Program and its director Christopher Merrill:

"At age 6, Christopher Merrill began a brief but lucrative career as a newspaper publisher. His first story was about a young girl who shared the same wing of the hospital as he did and was dying of leukemia. "I remember writing a story about her. I sold them to my neighbors for one penny apiece," Merrill said. "I had to copy out each one, so it didn't last very long." While his newspaper career stopped before it ever really started, Merrill has never quit writing. From his office at Shambaugh House, where he has been director of The University of Iowa's International Writing Program since 2000, to a basement in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, during the Bosnian War, Merrill has used the written word to explain his life's journey." read more...


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