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UI's Bowman House Harbors Displaced Departments

Faculty members meet outside the house

The recent flooding of the Iowa River has left many University of Iowa buildings debilitated in its wake, forcing many university departments out of their offices.

The Bowman House, home to the Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry (POROI) and the Writing University website, has been able to provide a space for a few of these departments. The Iowa Review, after having been evacuated from the English-Philosophy Building, was able to relocate to the second floor library space at Bowman House.

Faculty members from UI’s Center for the Book in North Hall and the School of Library and Information Science in the Main Library have also been welcomed to an office space after their evacuation, and two summer classes that needed a new location will take place in Bowman House as well. For more information about flooding and the UI community visit the University of Iowa website: UI Flood Information Page


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