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"The Best Museum Benches in the Country" & Other Podcasts

John Bresland, Eula Biss, Brian Goedde, and Steve McNutt are the winners of the University of Iowa Museum of Art podcast audio tour competition. Each of the winners are graduate students or recent alumni of the Nonfiction Writing Program. The winning recordings are available at the Museum's website at

The ideal place to listen to these audio tours would, of course, be the museum, but you don't necessarily have to be in the museum to enjoy them. Though the authors discuss various pieces in the museum's collection, they also reflect on the experience of viewing art. Eula Biss reads, for example, in the piece "Big Boy," which she co-authored with John Bresland,

"What I love about finding Big Boy here in the museum is that he reminds me I don't need to come to the museum to find things that are thrilling to look at. The world outside the museum is full of things like Big Boy, things that aren't intended to be looked at in the way we look at art, but can be. "

Heidi Julavits judged the competition, which was co-sponsored by the Nonfiction Writing Program and the UI Museum of Art.


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