Review: UI Nonfiction Director Hemley's 'Do Over'

Do Over

In this Publisher Weekly review of Do Over, the latest release from Robin Hemley, the University of Iowa's Nonfiction Writing Program Director, Hemley's unique experiment of revisiting childhood is described as "endearing, funny and more than a bit courageous."

"When Hemley, a writing professor at the University of Iowa, decides that he wants to do over some of the experiences he flubbed as a child, he isn't just dreaming. The 48-year-old father of three makes a list of times and places he'd like to revisit, including kindergarten, the prom and summer camp, doggedly pursuing all the contacts and background checks necessary to 'storm the walls of childhood' as an adult." Publishers Weekly praises Hemley as "a big kid at heart," drawing readers in "with just the right mix of humor and tenderness."

In addition to this, New York Magazine recently ran an excerpt from Do Over (entitled "Big Man on Camp") on their highlighted features section, in which the author compares the comically barbaric world of 1970's summer camp with the more refined system of the "youth-development business" today. For readers interested in taking a deeper look into the project, as well as finding media, blog entries and a list of Robin Hemley's upcoming appearances, the recently launched website for Do Over presents a wide offering of links and content. Visit the Do Over website here:

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