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POROI Releases Summer Journal, Volume 6.1

In this special issue of the Poroi Journal, a publication sponsored by the Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry and published electronically by the University of Iowa Libraries, contributors explore the relationship between rhetoric and public culture. A collection of critical and creative essays aims to move readers to reflect on the meaning of key issues in American cultural life: privilege and power, race and gender, life and death. In doing so, authors engage in the politics and poetics of writing public culture.

As an electronic journal, Poroi is more flexible than paper journals about its lengths, forms, and publication schedules. It appears several times a year, as submissions warrant, and it publishes single articles as well as special symposia or issues catalyzed by guest editors. Scholarly articles in Poroi emphasize rhetorical analysis and invention in all fields of learning, and they address interdisciplinary audiences.

Read the new issue here >> Poroi Journal, Volume 6.1


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