Journalist Steve Berry: Be Remarkable


In this University of Iowa 'Be Remarkable' feature, UI professor Steve Berry traces his present-day publishing success back to the early days of his writing career, from his work at the Orlando Sentinel which won him the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, to the joy he finds teaching in the UI School of Journalism and Mass Communication:

"Forty years ago, political science graduate Steve Berry found himself three months into unemployment with loan repayments looming. He needed a job, and fast. Berry ultimately landed at a newspaper—a temporary situation, he told himself then.

Indeed, the reporter who would go on to win a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism entered the field out of financial desperation.

'But not long after starting work there, I saw the power and the value journalism could have on local, state, and national issues,' says Berry, associate professor in the UI School of Journalism and Mass Communication. 'The profession grew on me fast.'”

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Be remarkable: Steve Berry

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