Joshua Kryah Reads from 'Glean'

Listen to poet and Iowa Writers' Workshop alumnus Joshua Kryah read a selection of poems from Glean, winner of the 2005 Nightboat Poetry Prize.

Joshua Kryah reads at Prairie Lights Books, 3/23/07Joshua Kryah reads the following poems from Glean:

"Called Back, Called Back"
"My Easter"
"How Will You Render It, How Will You Hold It, How Will You Bury or Carry It Away"
"The Wound in Which the Word"
"Sever, Staunch"
"O Taste and See"
"Usury (the heart, its gift and acquisition)"
"Makeshift (your kingdom, its currency)"
"To Gather the Grapes or Dry Sticks"
"He Calls Me Lambent, Lucent"
"Come Hither"

Kryah also reads a few new poems, which, he explains, were inspired by the life and work of the 19th century poet John Clare:

"Sequence One"
"Sequence Two"

David Hamilton introduced the reading; Jan Weissmiller of Prairie Lights Books was the host.


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