IWP ALum Aleksandr Ulanov Wins Andrey Beliy Literary Prize in Criticism

In December I informed you that Aleksandr Ulanov, whom you hosted in 2004, was shortlisted for a literary prize in Russia. The prize winners were announced on December 4, 2009 at the XI International Fair of Intellectual Literature Non-fiction in Moscow and I'm very happy and excited to update you that Mr. Ulanov became the winner of the Andrey Beliy literary prize in the "Criticism" category. The awards ceremony took place at the end of December in St. Petersburg. The following articles are about Mr. Ulanov and the prize winners. Although they are in Russian, I thought they may be interesting to you. http://www.litkarta.ru/russia/samara/persons/ulanov-a/ http://www.openspace.ru/news/details/14499/


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