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From the VWU Archive: "Poets Against the War"

In recognition of Philip Metres' Behind the Lines: War Resistance Poetry on the American Homefront since 1941, recently published by the UI Press, today's featured recording is the 2005 Poets Against the War Reading.

In this recording, twelve poets associated with the University of Iowa's writing community, including Dean Young, Mary Swander, David Hamilton, and Marvin Bell, read a selection of poems that in some way reflect on the war in Iraq and the possibility of peace. Poet Kiki Petrosino eloquently expresses the spirit of the event in the following audio excerpt:

Kiki Petrosino Introduces "Poets Against the War," November 09, 2005 (4 min.).

For more information, or to listen to the entire reading (1 hour, 3 min.), visit The Virtual Writing University Archive.


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