Bergman's 'Winter Light' with Live Music

Tuesday 2/13, at 7:00 PM in Art Building West Auditorium:
The Experimental Wing and the Maia Quartet will present a screening of Ingmar Bergman's Winter Light, with University of Iowa voice faculty singing Lutheran hymns prior to the film. This is the second of four films in the Scandinavian/Nordic Fest's Ingmar Bergman Film Festival, to be shown each Tuesday in February. Follow up to Through A Glass Darkly, Winter Light is an even starker expression of the existential struggles Bergman was going through when he wrote and directed the 'Trilogy.'

Capturing the lives of a small community during the waking hours of a single day, Winter Light is a stunning, mesmerizing film that features brilliant acting performances, and a legendary six-minute segment that rivals in audacity any of the experiments New Wave filmmakers Jean-Luc Godard and others were engaged in at the time.

Note that each film in the 'Trilogy' also stands alone fully.

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