University of Iowa

A Documentary of 2010 IWP writers

In this documentary of the 2010 International Writing Program residency, participants talk about their time in Iowa City.


Chehem Watta:
"I have a very good impression of Iowa City. It is a very nice and quite city, were we can write. I spend a very good time on writing. It is a city of literature and I really appreciate to be here. It is also a city of writers and every body is writing something. Yes, I like this open city."

Turusbek Madilbay:
"Iowa is a city of my childhood's dream. I'm very glad that I'm in this city and I thank America for this gift."

"October in Iowa, endless summer.
Day after day spawning, sprouting, sprawling.
Where does this fever come from?
More than enough to make your head spin
in the wildest tumble dryer cycle."

Hon Lai Chu, Coco:
"Iowa City is very quiet and good for reading and writing. I really love the river near our hotel. I talk a walk along the riverside almost every day. I always encounter squirrels and different kinds of birds there and they are in harmony with the natural environment as well as human beings. This is such a unforgettable moment for me."


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