July 2013

At the Reading: Simon Van Booy and Lucas Hunt

Simon Van Booy and Lucas Hunt reading

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July 6, 2013
Simon Van Booy and Lucas Hunt

Simon Van Booy returns to Prairie Lights to read from his new novel, The Illusion of Separateness. This gripping novel — inspired by true events — tells the interwoven stories of a deformed German infantryman; a lonely British film director; a young, blind museum curator; two Jewish American newlyweds separated by war; and a caretaker at a retirement home for actors in Santa Monica.

Robert Siegel—Haiku for Prose Writers: Exploring the Power of the Image

July 8, 2013
One of the key elements in successful fiction is imagery—the word-pictures that directly transmit what the writer sees. But while writing students get a lot of help with things like plot and structure, imagery often goes unmentioned, in part because it is so hard to talk about how to make better images. Therein lies the value of haiku for prose writers. The short, imagistic form of poetry imported from Japan offers a clear (and very fun) way to practice making images. Over the course of the hour, Robert will lead a workshop in reading and writing haiku.

Is he the greatest?

Walt Whitman might be the greatest poet that ever lived.

Etymology instance

Whitman “celebrates” the self, and the etymology of the word “celebrate” indicates “to return to” or “to frequent.” The whole poem will be Whitman’s record of the self expanding out into the world, absorbing more and more experience, then contracting back into the self, discovering that he can contain and hold the wild diversity of experience that he keeps encountering on his journeys through the world.

Choose three lines in this section in which Whitman uses etumology to expand his point, and write a short paragraph about each instance.

Opening Line

Whitman opens his poem with what kind of line?

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