January 2013

At the Reading: Oni Buchanan and Jon Woodward

Marilynne Robinson nominated for Man Booker International Prize 2013

Rilla Askew reading

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February 6, 2013
Rilla Askew

Rilla Askew reads from her new novel, Kind of Kin. The story centers around Robert John Brown, a churchgoing family man and respected community member, who is caught hiding a barnful of migrant workers with no papers. He is then arrested and sent to prison. Meanwhile, his ten-year-old grandson Dustin tries to help the sole escapee of the raid reunite with his family, and his granddaughter, Misty, is struggling to raise her daughter alone after her husband, an illegal immigrant himself, has been deported.


Gerhard Loewenberg reading

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January 24, 2013
Gerhard Loewenberg
University of Iowa’s Professor Emeritus Gerhard Loewenberg reads from his new memoir, Moved by Politics. In his memoir, Loewenberg tells of twelve experiences in his life that were firsts for him.

Tim Fay and the Wapsipinicon Almanac

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January 25, 2013
Tim Fay and contributors to the Wapsipinicon Almanac
Tim Fay and several of this year’s contributors will read from the new issue of the Wapsipinicon Almanac. This year's issue is the 19th edition of the almanac and features contributors “Farmer Dave” Miller, Rebecca Sullivan, Dan Ehl, Will Thomson, Michael Borich, Douglas McReynolds, Ann Struthers, Daniel Brawner, and Brian Gibbs. Fay, proprietor of the Route 3 Press in rural Anamosa, has edited and published the Wapsipinicon Almanac – roughly annually – using antique letterpress technology, since 1988.

John Irving's Life at Home: Video

Book Review: Shane McCrae's Mule

Ogochukwu Promise

You've got to believe in yourself. If there is anything stopping you, deal with it right away and see to it that you demonstrate your dependability, your strength of character and your ability to reach your goals.

Ogochukwu Promise is a former participant in the University of Iowa's International Writing Program, and is a passionate psychologist, novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, motivational speaker, career advisor, and visual artist. 

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Susan Sontag reading

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April 27, 2000
Susan Sontag

A reading by Susan Sontag recorded on April 27, 2000, was re-broadcast, in memoriam, Dec. 31, on the "Live From Prairie Lights" series, hosted by Julie Englander on University of Iowa radio station WSUI, 910 AM. Sontag died Dec. 28 at the age of 71. In the 2000 event, Sontag read from "In America," which later won the National Book Award. The main character is a Polish actress who travels with her family and a group of Poles to California in 1876 to found a "utopian" commune. When the commune fails, she returns successfully to the stage -- having become an American.




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