June 2012

Robert Siegel?Flash Fiction

What is flash fiction? You?ve read it, perhaps even written it in class: super-short stories, anywhere from a paragraph to a couple of pages in length, sometimes zeroing in on a single moment of experience, sometimes trying to tell a whole life story in a handful of lines. In recent years, flash fiction has moved from the margins to the center, grabbing attention at literary magazines and spawning anthologies.

Carol Spindel?The Art of Juxtaposition

Creative nonfiction is an art of selection, omission, and juxtaposition. Decisions, decisions, decisions? Not only what to leave in and what to take out, but also how to artfully arrange the parts. When just the right elements are juxtaposed, a spark flies up from the space between.

Hugh Ferrer?What Proust Heard: Music, Memory, Inspiration

* This Eleventh Hour will take place in the University Capitol Center Recital Hall, located on Clinton St.

Emily Pettit, Mark Leidner, Madeline McDonnell, & Bianca Stone?Influence & Inspiration

In this panel discussion Pettit, Leidner, McDonnell, and Stone will discuss their recent poetry, fiction, and comic publications in conjunction with specific and intimate outside influences, inspirations, imitations, and inquiries.

Iowa Summer Writing Festival Begins

The Iowa Summer Writing Festival (ISWF) begins this June, with weekend and week-long workshops, public readings and a daily lecture series. The Festival is designed to benefit writers at all levels of experience and achievement by providing workshops, classes and lectures to participants.

The ISWF weekly lecture series, The 11th Hour, makes the expertise of the Iowa Summer Writing Festival available to the public, free of charge. The 11th Hour lectures—11 a.m. weekdays June 11 through July 27 (with the exception of July 4 week) in Room 101 of Biology Building East on the University of Iowa campus—