June 2009

Marc Nieson, “Making Words Count”

June 30, 2009
Marc Nieson proposes the free-writing exercise as a disciplined process of seizing inspiration and later tackling revision. Nieson talks about how to reconcile the writer's often opposing mindsets of creator and editor, the journey of refining the "

T.C. Boyle Interviewed in Wag's Review

T.C. Boyle
Photo by Milo Boyle, Santa Barbara CA, 2003

In the latest issue of the online magazine Wag's Revue, the editor talks with author T.C.

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Live From Prairie Lights

New IWP Series 'The Periscope' Features Author Helon Habila

The International Writing Program series "The Periscope" was conceived as an alumni outreach project, with the goal of producing in-depth interviews with former IWP participants to be featured on the web. The series, focused around the concept of presenting the same questions to multiple authors, strives to take a deeper look into featured authors' minds, as well as present multiple views and ideas. The newest addition to the series is Edi Shukriu from Kosovo.


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Live From Prairie Lights



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