January 2009

John Updike, legendary novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Dies at 76


John Updike, the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist who was regarded as one of the greatest writers of life in the postwar prime of the American empire, died today at age 76.

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Workshop Grad Zucker Heads "100 Days Poems" Project to Celebrate Obama's First 100 Days

100 Days Poems

In response to the ways in which Barack Obama will strive to “get the world right” during his carefully watched first 100 days in office, one hundred American poets will be writing new works as part of the project Starting Today: poems for the first 100 days, launched on Inauguration Day by I

NY Times Book Review: Unsworth's "Land of Marvels"


In this New York Times Sunday Book Review of the latest novel by former Iowa Writers' Workshop visiting faculty member Barry Unsworth, "Land of Marvels," reviewer Christopher de Bellaig

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W.D. Snodgrass, Poet and Pulitzer Prize winner, Dies at Age 83

W.D. Snodgrass

"W. D. Snodgrass, who found the stuff of poetry in the raw material of his emotional life and from it helped forge a bold, self-analytical poetic style in postwar America, winning a Pulitzer Prize for his debut book, died on Tuesday at his home in Erieville, N.Y., in rural Madison County.

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Op-ed: "What writers say about our City of Literature"


In this Iowa City Press-Citizen opinion piece, the editors remark on the benefits of having a culture of writing in Iowa City.

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Andre Perry

ANDRE PERRY is a writer and musician. His essays have won several awards and have been nominated for a number of Pushcart Prizes. He has toured the country with nationally acclaimed acts. He is currently mixing a new record and finishing a book.