August 2008

Iowa Writers' Workshop Alumni Win First Book Poetry Awards

Jonathan Thirkield

Jonathan Thirkield and Arda Collins, recent graduates of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, have just been awarded prestigious first-book prizes.

... تمرين في كتاب

في صفوف لا تحصى لتعليم كتابة القصة، سيقال لك على الأرجح مرة بعد أخرى: " اظهر لا تخبر". هذه النصيحة قد تكون جيدة، الا انني لا أفهمها تماماً.(أحدهم فسّرها لي قائلاً: أظهر قدر استطاعتك واخبر الباقي). هممم... ما زالت نصيحة عصية على الفهم بالنسبة لي!

Introducing the Writers of the IWP


As writers from around the world begin to arrive at The University of Iowa to participate in the International Writing Program three month residency, the UI home page will be featuring spotlights on a few writers to provide brief introductions.

Walt Whitman Archive Receives NHPRC Grants

Leaves of Grass

The Walt Whitman Archive is an electronic research and teaching tool co-directed by University of Iowa faculty member Ed Folsom.


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