August 2006

Theater Building: Theatre B

Theater Building: Theatre B | The University of Iowa, Iowa City

The Englert Theater

The Englert Theater | 221 E. Washington Street, Iowa City. Phone: (319) 354-3284

221 E. Washington Street
Iowa City

Iowa Memorial Union

Iowa Memorial Union | The University of Iowa, Iowa City | Map |

UI Museum of Art

UI Museum of Art | 150 N. Riverside Drive, Iowa City. Phone: (319) 335-1727. For more information, visit

Shambaugh House

Shambaugh House| 430 N. Clinton Street, Iowa City, IA | Map |

Old Capitol Senate Chamber

Old Capitol Senate Chamber| The University of Iowa | Map |

Iowa City Public Library

Iowa City Public Library | 123 South Linn Street, Iowa City. Phone: (319) 356-5200

Irish Writing Program

The University of Iowa Irish Writing Program offers participants the opportunity to study creative writing and Irish literature in the heart of Dublin. The workshops meet three times a week for six weeks and are taught by Irish writers. In addition to having their work critiqued in class, students will receive written analyses of class work. Emphasis is placed on how to read closely and how to get (and give) the best constructive criticism. Students' work will be sent to the Academic Director for evaluation at the time they apply to the Irish Writing Program. Students will bring work-in-progress with them and also write new material during the program.

Office for Study Abroad
1111 University Capitol Centre
Iowa City, IA 52242

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